A Mountain Holiday – 2018

Mountain Rep
Butte Theatre
November 2018

Direction by Kyle Dean Steffens
Musical Direction by Braden Chudzik
Costume Design by Nancy Hankin
Lighting Design by Darren E. Levin
Scenic Design by Marie Verdu
Stage Management by Victoria Dixon

A Mountain Holiday is produced by Mountain Rep Theatre in the resort town of Cripple Creek, Colorado.  The show consists of an olio and melodrama based on the tall tales surrounding several historical residents of the area. The melodrama is set in 1914 and follows the tale leading up to a Christmas Eve boxing match involving resident Jack Dempsey organized by tavern owner and early casino owner Mr. Dempsey.  Through the story, we are taken to many locations throughout the Cripple Creek and Victor areas.

The lighting concept for A Mountain Holiday is inspired by paintings of mountain towns from 1900 through 1925, including historical research from the Cripple Creek/Victor, Colorado area.  These images portray a rich color pallet based in medium saturation amber, blues, and lavenders which inspired the color choices for the conventional angles of the lighting plot.  These front and high side angles became the backbone of the design providing the basic illumination and high side angles to provide dimension.

LED units provided the ability to have flexibility of color choice in the down light and a low side angle.  These angles provided essential time of day information and allowed for dramatic color shifts during asides which are the staple of a melodramatic presentation. Timing of these melodramatic transitions is of the utmost importance; providing a great collaboration between musical direction and lighting design.

A great challenge of A Mountain Holiday is the space.  The Mountain Rep company performs in the historic Butte Theatre, which is lovingly renovated with upgraded control, electrical distribution, and LED technology.  However, the space is a low trim situation with a throw distance of less than 11’ from electric to stage floor with limited lighting positions available due to the historic nature of the space.  Careful analysis of the beam spread of instrumentation and planning of the lighting plot aided in proper illumination of this very challenging space.